Beijing Guoan Faces 10 Points Deduction For Signing Bakambu

Beijing Guoan Faces 10 Points Deduction For Signing Bakambu

Cedric Bakambu might be the new foreign star that is joining the Chinese Super League this season. Beijing Guoan has spent €40 million to Villarreal to buy out Bakambu’s contract. But a 10 points deduction might be charged on Beijing Guoan for this signing.

With a limit spending of CNY 45 million (€6 million) per foreign signing, any transfer amount above this will need to pay a tax of 100% to the CFA. For this reason, clubs are seeking “legal” ways to avoid paying the high taxes on transfers.

Any club that breaks the regulation will have the player suspended and face a deduction of 1-15 point in the league, depending on the act.

Beijing Guoan thought they found a way to avoid the transfer tax by using a third party to buy out Bakambu’s contract in Villarreal and sign the player as a free agent. In this case, the player has signed for the team as a free agent and had not made any official transfer payments.

However, the Chinese Football Association did an investigation in this movement and see this as an unacceptable act. The CFA is now in the process of deducting 10 points from Beijing Guoan. Also, Beijing Guoan still needs to pay the €40 million tax fee to the CFA or Bakambu will not be able to play in the Chinese Super League in the next season.